Considering Stevia As The Best Alternative Of Sugar

Considering Stevia As The Best Alternative Of Sugar

In recent time, research has shown that almost 9% of the total world population is suffering from diabetes. There is no specific reason behind diabetics, but most of the people suffering from this disease are either carrying it hereditary or have an irregular lifestyle. Excess consumption of sugar can adversely affect the body and natural health. However, it has been observed that people are becoming very much health cautious and are avoiding sugar in their diet, as sugar does not contribute any nutritional benefits.

Avoiding sugar!

Sugar has a prolong effect on health, heart and can worsen any health condition. You can simply avoid consuming sugar from your diet, but it is not that easy. So, as an alternative organic stevia came into the picture. Organic products are healthy and stevia is an outstanding example of it. The stevia is extracted from plant and is used for sweetening the food.

In fact, in many countries it has been a practice for years and people are used to it. As the organic salt from Australia or himalayan salt is the best substitution of common salt, stevia can replace sugar. Stevia is even FSANZ approved sweetening product, which can be consumed without any side effect.

Comparison of sugar and stevia

Sugar consumption is not only related to diabetes, but also with other health issues like weight gain, hearth problem, uncontrollable blood pressure and so on. The sugar substitutes in the market are chemically formed, which is more dangerous than sugar itself. On the other hand, stevia is such a sweetening agent that has no side effect and is in purest form. No harmful additives are added in it. In fact, toxic chemicals and artificial colors are not even added in it. There is no side effect and allergic affect reported due to consumption of stevia. However, if you have any such symptom, you should consult with a doctor before consuming the product.

How good stevia is?

Consumption of the natural plant extract does not impact the rise of blood sugar level. It can also help to control the blood pressure and sugar. The product has its own shelf life, after which it might attract bacteria. So, whenever you purchase the product, check the date mandatorily. It comes in dust and liquid form for ease of use.This sugar replacement product helps in managing the blood sugar, control your weight and lipids. So, if you wish to reduce your weight then this alternative can be very much helpful for your health. The zero-calorie product should be checked properly while purchasing. Buy only if it is 100% pure.