Surviving The Summer Bug Contagions

Surviving The Summer Bug Contagions

Summer heat is something that we all look forward to. Sunbathing, hitting the beach and driving around without wearing three layers of clothing is a feeling of freedom we all look forward to during the cold and dreary winter months. But it is also the time for all the problematic situations like bug meltdowns on roads, bug issues in the house and sicknesses getting spread around the area. So in order to battle the problem of bug ailments running around, here are some tips from professionals.

Taking care of the gaps

Most of the bugs make a break through into the house through tiny gaps in areas that you would not even imagine. According to household pest control services, most of the bugs can be found in carpets, under wallpapers, under baseboards, small crevices and cracks in the house. So the recommendations are to have a regular vacuuming schedule up to destroy any routes set up by bugs to travel into the house.

Stopping the ant march

Ants are recorded as the highest number of bugs’ occurrences in houses by professional household pest control records and their attraction to anything we eat is the main cause. The specialty of ants is they invisible to humans’ pheromones trail that they leave when they enter a house and find food so that their fellow ants can come in and eat as well. There are different types of ants that end up being more annoying than any other bug in the house. Carpenter ants are known to break down (or eat) your wooden works, pharaoh ants will spread infections around the house and the entire neighborhood and fire ants can even kill someone if the person is allergic to the chemical excreted by the ant.

To get rid of ants, food must be kept away from areas that ants are seen before or are easy for ants to reach and any spillages and leftover food on the counters and other areas must be clean as soon as the incidence has occurred. Cans and other recyclable items must be washed thoroughly before putting them in the bin and cracks and gaps that are visible to you must be taken care of by spray foam.

You can get your kids involved in finding out ant and other buy routes and also find any cracks and gaps around the house. If the award of sweets or something they like gets the kids moving and have them carry around a can of sealant (if old enough) and a magnifying glass. Keeping the plants and other items that can be used by bugs as stepping stones into the house must be kept away from the foundation.